Albums are added by itself

I have a problem I really need solved, cuss it is extremely irritating.

For each time I log in to roon several albums has been added to my roon, from tidal. Artists I have never heard about, and would never even dream of adding my selfe…

I have to go inn and hide each and every one of them to get the out from my room.

Why is this happening, and what can I do to stop it.

I was at my tidal app, and they are not showing there, so it is only in roon.

Also… How do I delete an artist from roon…?


Probably during the install you have slected to “jump start” your library with the essentials collections from Tidal.

You can remove them by clicking on Albums/Focus/Inspector/Storage Locations/Tidal library

Be aware this will remove all your Tidal albums.

Hi @Jens_Petter_Johansen – it sounds like the Collections @allineedis is mentioning.

You can find information about removing this content with just a few clicks here.

Sorry for the trouble!

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I went in to the menu you showed me here, but nothing was marked, so I don’t understand how that works. When I mark in the tidal box, what happens? I could not see the difference…

Hi Jens,

A form of the menu linked by Rob appeared when initially installing Roon. It may have had a default selection so that simply hitting yes through the install process meant a collection of Tidal albums was installed. I had hoped this default was going to change, but it looks like it might still be there.

You’re far from the first person to have experienced this and the instructions linked by mike should get you fixed.

And that default setting would keepninstalling albums also? What is very strange is that the albums that are being installed are from artist that I would never dream of installing my selfe, really strange music, really not known artists… I would imagine a function like that installed from the most popular music in this categories. But not at all…

Don’t understand, how will this stop album being added to my coercion? This only mark what storage locations that I want to see album from.

Also, there is nothing that is tagged for import, at all, but still album is been added each day to my collection.

Also, this is a problem that suddenly stated to happen, I have used roon for many ,Otis without any album beenig imported but suddenly that started to happen right around the new build update from roon…

Sorry, When reading back my first reply, I was a bit incomplete in my reply. I only explained how to focus on the Tidal content in you library, but forgot to add the part how to delete the Tidal albums.

Once you tick the checkbox all Tidal albums will be selected and then simply select all and delete. I use an ipad so choose 1 album, long press, till it is highlighted. Go to the left top corner, selct all, go to the right top corner, edit, delete. Confirm the deletion.

Roon should no add these albums again.

Can you delete the Tidal albums as explained, confirm that they are gone and in case roon starts adding them again this has to be picked up by roon since it sounds like a bug. But first I would want to be sure that the albums have been deleted.

Hi @Jens_Petter_Johansen – have you read over the instructions I linked above?

That should help you remove any content from our TIDAL Collections that was added, but let me know if you’re still stuck.

Sorry for the trouble!

The problem is not moving my albums, it is stopping them to be automaticly added to my collection. I have no tagged any categories to be imported, I have checked, double and triple checked that. I have removed all unvented album, this suddenly started just recently and is not something that have been going on since I first installed roon. Daily, different albums are added, and Imhave to,delete them. I have followed any tips given me, but again, nothing is,tagged here… This started happen around last upgrade, not sure that is the reason, just saying this is not been a problem earlier…

Can you give me an example of an album that’s been added? What would be great would be if you could paste a screenshot into this thread, like this:

Sine yesterday, these albums and artist was address to my collection.

Here you Aldo SEE the albums

You succesfully deleted the albums, but they re-appear?

I added the collections one by one to see to which collection the albums you show are belonging. 2 of them are part of the “Classic Rock” collection.

Can you for the fun of it search in your library for David Crosby, Steely Dan, The Beach Boys? These are the top left albums when I add the “Classic Rock” collection from Tidal (sorted by date added).

When the 3 artist I mention are also present in your library you can be pretty sure that they are being added from the collection of Tidal.

I simply deleted the collection as I showed and they do not re-appear. So this should work.

Sorry @Jens_Petter_Johansen – the information I’m looking for is on the Album page, like in my screenshot. These are both shots of the Artist page.

Any idea how to turn this off, periodically unwanted albums I have never listed to show up. Any idea how to stop this?


Hi Tim,

This should not be happening. When you originally installed Roon, there was an option to add collections of Tidal albums. If you accepted that, then you may have had a bunch of Tidal albums added to the your library.

However, it should not be adding Tidal albums randomly now. Maybe what you’re seeing is albums added when you installed and have just noticed them now. Do you think this is possible?

If you still think this is happening, do they show as new albums on the Overview page?

Cheers, Greg

Sounds the same as in this thread.

I agree that it sounds like the same issue so have merged the threads here.

Have you given your Tidal account info to anyone else e.g. Friend, partner, child etc?

If so, anything they mark as favourite in Tidal will appear in your collection.