Albums by Date Added

I purchase a lot of music and like to view my recent purchases at the top when I select Albums by date added. My Roon account was recently hacked and I had to change my password. When I did this I had to redirect Roon to my storage folder on my sonicTransporter. This caused my music to be associated in a very different order. Is there a way to get the order my music was originally added in back?

Did you have a good backup from when before your account was hacked?
If so you should restore a good backup and then yes it should be in a very similar if not identical order.
If not then unfortunately not as now the date added will be whatever Roon scanned first at this new outing.

Alternatively, check out …

See the section on using file date for Roon’s dated added field.

Note it’s not retrospective, so after changing all albums would need to be selected and then Roon instructed to “reimport”.

If you think this might work for you try it on just a couple of albums first before triggering it on all your files.

I set my Date by using “File Creation Time”. Track Import date setting is under Settings/Library/Import Settiings and scroll down. to Track Import Dates.