Albums not recognised

I just thought I would add a few more examples - but not expecting anything to be fixed soon.

Vaughan Williams Scott of the Antarctic: the complete score (Label Dutton Epoch) ripped from the CD


Richard Strauss Salome (Solti) - hires digital download from Qobuz

The first is an issue of a disc that: has received a lot of critical attention in the classical music press, been released by a reasonably sized label and which has metadata available on the internet.

The second is a reissue of a remastered version of an operatic classic from the 1960s by a major label. Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of opera would be familiar with this particular recording. The irony is that the similar hires remastered reissue of the Solti version of Elektra by Richard Strauss is identified by Roon (given the relative popularity/importance of the operas, I would have expected the reverse).

I have a few other “unrecognised” albums, but these are quite often limited release albums or from quite a while ago and have never been reissued in the digital era.

Hi @Paul_Williams.

For the Solti Salome, I think the problem is that you have a “single disc version”, but we have the metadata for 2 and 3-disc versions. The metadata are available (for the two disc 26-track edition) if you do a manual identification (Album / Edit / Identify).

The search terms you need to use in the Identification wizard are:

  • Artist: Birgit Nilsson
  • Album: Strauss: Salome

Your album will be, I believe, the top hit (which un-intuitively will have Solti as the artist…).

For the Vaughan Williams Scott, if the CD is this one, then I’m afraid that we don’t currently have any metadata.

Joel, thanks for the prompt reply - which I did not actually expect! I don’t lose too much sleep over these sorts of things. Firstly, Roon does a pretty good job and would be better than 95% in identifying albums (and I have over 3000 mostly Classical albums). Secondly, I have always retained my own album title, rather than rely on Roon so albums do not get “lost” all together even if they are “unidentified” in Roon. I was just surprised, in particular, that the only “hit” I could get for Salome was the Solti box set of Strauss operas. This recording is considered by many to be the best for this particular opera - and it has never been out of the catalogue.

Well I suppose most people would say that Birgit Nilsson is the main attraction of the Solti Strauss Salome. However, the convention for Classical music is generally to identify specific performances by the conductor and secondly by the other performers (I know this does not always hold true - Maria Callas perhaps being the main exception!)

The Birgit Nilsson thing is, I think, a bug in the current processing code. It’s already fixed in development.