Albums on but not via Roon?

You can log onto via computer or phone and search for the new TS Evermore album, but search Tidal via Roon and nothing.

The album was just announced today, BUT it is available via

Is there a time lag to be available on Tidal via Roon vs

Why is there a difference?..thx

I was just about to enter exactly the same question as I have this same problem. I’ve synced Roon to Tidal via Services>Tidal but no update shown. Very frustrating!

Peter, although we might disagree about TS ;-), you are right that there’s plenty of other stuff to listen to. And I might concede a bit more patience is a useful thing.

But having forked out out a lot of money on Roon (which I love btw), I’m kind-of keen to be able to access the music Tidal offers. Echoing Robert’s point, having to use Spotify Connect feels like an unnecesary step down. With the advent of Tidal Connect I think Roon would want to avoid this kind of issue as it will undermine their proposition

I’d be really interested to know why this lag is happening, whether is an issue with Roon or my own setup, and what can be done about it.

Roon does not have the metadata when Tidal already has the album, this takes time.
Something with data transfer delays.

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Helpful thanks…as I say, with Tidal Connect around this is something I’d think Roon might want to look at, for the less patient among us at least :wink:

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Yes there is a delay of up to a few days in synchronising the databases. Doing it in real time would take exponentially greater resources if possible at all.

This has been the case since the inception of integration, but I think the sync cadence has been increased in frequency. There has been a good deal of discussion about it on the Forum, particularly regarding popular new releases, and a search may bring up posts with more detailed technical explanations.

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Just want to add that it usually only takes a day to catch up.
I am also waiting for the Taylor Swift album. The girl is a genius and her music is incredible if you ask me .

Thank you very much!!! Was just wondering about…thx

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I haven’t enjoyed a female singer/songwriter as much as TS since Joni Mitchell in the 60’s/70s. Truly loved watching the Folklore album/documentary on Apple TV/Disney Plus. Not talking just about the voice, it’s the story telling AND the acoustic guitar as well.

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I stumbled across her earlier stuff a few years ago and I have added the whole collection since.
I believe she is the biggest talent in pop/folk music right now…although maybe unfair to categorise her.
Folklore is breathtaking!!

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Agreed 1000%. I remember first seeing her play when she just started and thought she was going to be special. Then didn’t pay much attention to her “pop” years, although she became VERY famous.

It was Folklore, the music, and the pandemic conversations with the co-writers of the album that made me a Swiftie:) She is maturing very nicely.

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I’ve been on the wrong end of disparaging remarks about musical choices myself. I once posted Buck’s Fizz in the What Are We Listening To thread and @Carl raised an eyebrow. It still cuts deep …


You got off lightly if you ask me …a lifetime ban should have been handed out for that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Evermore is now on Tidal through Roon. Too bad not on Qobuz, but Tidal is good enough for now. Thank you for the answers to the my original question. I did not understand the delay, now I do. Appreciate it.


Can’t see it here in the UK Robert, unless I’m doing something wrong. Maybe it takes longer to get our metadata synched :upside_down_face:

I’ll check again in the morning…

@Andy_Buckroyd It’s almost certainly not indexed for search yet, but you should be able to find it on Roon’s Taylor Swift performer page, under Main Albums.

Got it! Thanks so much for the help Joel (and to others for the background info). Now I get to hear it on the release date and swap notes with my Spotify-listening family!

Interesting this comes up when Taylor Swift releases an album. I feel y’alls pain. A testament to her artistry and influence.

Anyway, just install the Tidal or Qobuz app on your desktop, or use one of the many streamer apps with built-in Tidal and/or Qobuz and get a head start.

The album will be along on roon in a few days. Relax.

I’m getting it through Roon/Tidal now, since about 3 hours ago.