Albums purchased from Qobuz showing on Roon without booklet

Just wondering whether anyone else has just recently had a problem with albums purchased from Qobuz showing to be without booklets though on streaming through Roon there are booklets and on download from Qobuz there are booklets. This is recent.

I think this is because Qobuz have introduced a separate “downloader” app that does things differently from the now deprecated download function that was in the main Qobuz app.

The new downloader creates an additional folder called goodies and puts the PDFs in there.

Unfortunately if you simply copy this folder along with the music folders into your Roon Watched Folder, Roon does not know what to do with it.

I found I had to manually move the PDFs out of the goodies folder into the music folder, which is where Roon expects to find them.


Perhaps a feature request to look in the goodies folder?

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Thanks all. Have moved all the new booklets. Had thought the booklets came through the roon interface and not their presence in my folder.

The nice thing is that you can put any number of pdf, txt (edit: correction, I think txt sadly does not work), and image files into the folder and you will get links to them in Roon. There are also some rules to make them appear in the right order, etc.: