Albums Roon recognizes but does not provide tags for

Roon identifies the following albums in my library but has not added any genre tags to them this means they are rather lost in focus.

Carmen McRae - Ms Jazz
Leonard Cohen - Greatest Hits
Ragpickers Dream - Mark Knopfler
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns - Vol 7

I have some others less well known that this happens to as well that I am not so surprised that Roon has no information. Happy to provide those too if that helps improve things.

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I have LC - Greatest Hits and it has genre tags for “Singer/Songwriter”, “Folk-Pop”, “Pop/Rock”, and “Folk”

It seems there are several versions of LC - Greatest Hits. The one I have that it recongizes but it does not tag properly is the Sept 2009 CD release.

Ragpicker’s Dream is tagged here - 3 genre tags.

I’ve realized that I’ve got two rather obsure tags for Ragpicker’s Dream. Adult Comtemporary and Contemporary Singer/Songwriter/

Seems that these are the style tags that All Music has for Ragpicker’s Dream so I guess that’s it.