Albums V Artist ratio

One of most interesting things (for me) about the v1.8 bun fight has been people posting lots of screen dumps of their music collection metrics.

To provide context for my comment, I have 3000 albums across 450 artists (~6.5 albums per artist). I have three genres (blues, jazz, rock), with rock being maybe 100 albums and the rest split evenly across blues and jazz.

What I have seen (across > 100 screen dumps in this forum) is that many (most?) of those posting the screen dumps average around 2 albums per artist (in many cases less). An example is shown below:


This ratio has been seen whether people have 2000 albums or 20,000.

It provides, for me, an interesting insight into the listening habits of others… not what genres they are into but rather how eclectic (or maybe “oh look… shiney new artist”) people’s collections are.

From what I have seen, I am in the minority when it comes to a high album per artist ratio.


The observation is interesting, but cause and effect might be different. Classical, particularly orchestral, and bigger band Jazz releases have a high artist to release ratio due to the number of players. So collection make up will play it’s part.

ahh… you might be right.

I use the main metadata in my files (artist/album/track/year) rather than let roon run wild but let roon add in other stuff.

So I am not aware of how roon would apply “artist” in the case that you let roon decide it all.

I have lots of big band albums so have a question on this.

Assume a Count Basie album and I let roon decide all the metadata… my assumption is that the only ARTIST registered in roon is Count Basie and that say Freddie Green wouldnt (given he is a suppoting player) ?


It all depends on the album, and how much metadata is present. Some Count Basie albums do just have him as the sole performer, while others…

Recent album releases tend to have fuller metadata.

I am not talking about contributors but I can see that an artist, like Count Basie, can take on multiple “personalities” if you let roon decide the artist (count basie, count basie big band, count basie kansas city 5/6/7 etc)…which bumps up the artist count relative to albums.

For me, given I tell roon to use my metadata for artist, its all Count Basie so I dont “suffer” this “miscount”.

In many genres such as rock, the number of artists that have multiple “personalities” would tend to be less (my guess). Only one Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Queen etc (not that I have of these artists).

I might try a rescan (after a backup) and let roon decide all metadata and see what the metrics say.