Albums w/different mastering between 24-96 (Qobuz) & 24-192 (HDtracks)

I noticed several albums on HDtracks at 24-192 but only 24-96 on Qobuz.

I then read that at least the Van Halen 24-96 are different mastering (loud like CD remasters) than the 24-192 versions (well mastered) and thus there is a clear preference for one vs. other.

Had the mastering been the same the difference would be the resolution which is less a concern for me.

I would like to buy some of the better sounding HiRez albums (ideally using Sublime discounts) but if the mastering is notably preferred on the 192 versions I will want the better mastering.

Are most hi-rez albums the same mastering between Qobuz 24-96 and HDtracks 24-192?

How can you tell?

Sometimes I find release date information helps to distinguish different masters. You can then check the loudness wars database online to see if someone published DR information for the releases you are comparing.

I wish distributors would make album release information (e.g., mastering information) more readily available and transparent to help make these sorts of decisions.