Alegrías by Howe Gelb / A Band of Gypsies: Wrong "John Parrish" in TiVo review and credits, wrong bio for A Band of Gypsies

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“John Parrish” in the album review is the wrong guy. This links to an artist of that name:

However, the correct engineer is John Parish with one “r”. He worked a lot with Howe Gelb / Giant Sand and is otherwise a collaborator of P.J. Harvey’s and engineered as well as played on many important releases:

Small selection:

The credits on the Alegrías album have both the wrong guy and the right guy included:

In addition, the review and the primary artist link to a confused A Band of Gypsies entry:

The review:

Links to this, which has a picture of the correct John Parish and Howe Gelb alongside Fernando Vacas of the actual A Band of Gypsies playing on Alegrías. The pic is not good because Parish and Gelb collaborated with ABoG only on the Alegrías album; otherwise, the band is a separate entity. Worse, however, is that the bio here is talking about a completely different Band of Gypsies that has nothing to do with the one from this album and is not the one in the picture. Though the “formed” says Spain, which is correct for Vacas’s A Band of Gypsies:

This is the A Band of Gypsies that is on Alegrías:

Group of musicians from Cordoba, Spain

Añil Fernández, Juan Fernandez, Lin Cortés, rAMOS Dual, Thøger Tetens Lund

This is the other Band of Gypsies that the bio is talking about (and who are not in the picture of the entry nor playing on Alegrías)
3 Man Island, 3MI, Commodore, Cuba Libra, Picos de Europa, Rave Nation (2), Rhythm Street
Nigel Swanston, Tim Cox

Finally (hopefully) in the A Band of Gypsies entry there is a wrong production entry for Rozalla:

This was produced by a different Band of Gypsies:

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Tidal, Qobuz, same issue with my local copy

Screenshot of import settings


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The John Parrish in the Bio was fixed to the correct John Parish, thanks to Roon if you have reported this. The Band of Gypsies bio is still the wrong one though, so not marking as Solved :slight_smile:

Indeed we did. I’ve sent another email to TiVo as I think that they only have a single id for both groups.

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There should be some improvement here.

Many thanks! Indeed there is, as far as I am concerned :slight_smile: Good timing, considering that I saw Howe Gelb play with Giant Sand on Wednesday :slight_smile:

The correct A Band of Gypsies (with Howe Gelb in the photo, Spain) is now credited correctly on Alegrìas and the Uneven Light of Day single, and the Rozalla album is gone from the Discography. For some reason that I don’t understand, they appear twice after searching (green) but it is actually the same database entry (making an edit to one appears in the other as well)

However, though I am personally not much concerned with this, the other Band of Gypsies (Members:
Nigel Swanston, Tim Cox), whose Bio was wrongly attributed to A Band of Gypsies, seems to have completely disappeared. The other Band of Gypsies in the search results (red question mark) has no biography at all.

Anyway, I consider this solved for me :slight_smile:

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