Alex label, does not exist

I have a number of albums that roon recognize with label ALEX:

this label… does not exist. for example, this album is by EMI.

i strongly suspect that this is an invented label…
this is the entry in allmusic:

so… this is not an error of this CD, but it’s 2319 albums error in rovi database.

Thanks for the report, @Niccolo_Terzi, it’s a bad metadata source, we’ll investigate that fact.


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no news about this?

i don’t understand. what does that mean?

It means that the author of the post has deleted it. The Forum system displays this message to indicate that the post has been deleted by the author, and to alert the Moderators of the deletion.

i am the author, and i didn’t delete it…

James was the author of his post - and he deleted his OWN post…

i insist: i was the author of the post

No - you were the author of the first post in this thread of posts. Other posts in this thread have been made by Ivan, James and myself…

yes… sorry, got it.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi. We are still working with Rovi to sort this out. They have made some changes (for example, you can no longer discover “Alex” as a Record Label in allmusic search), but individual releases are still carrying the information. E.g.

My apologies: I was experimenting with the features of the forum and accidentally posted something entirely unrelated to the thread when I meant to cancel. So I cleaned up. Sorry for the confusion.

hi @joel
looking in my library, it seems that practically almost all these “alex label” albums have disapeared, except one.

so the problem is almost solved, thanks.

I’ve just chased that one up. Thanks for the info.

I believe that this is now completely sorted out.

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