Alexa integration

is there any progress in controlling roon devices (+tidal) via Alexa?


Roon does not support Alexa, and they do not pre-announce future features.

You might search this forum; there seemed to be some tinkering with Alexa. Best wishes, J

well i didnt meant to playback via alexa… but to control via voice - like pause/transfer zone etc

Yeah, you can do that with the Google Home, or the Mini. But that’s because Roon has done the Chromecast integration. I presume something similar would be required for Echo devices.

so it works with google devices… is there some description to it?

okay so for echo devices such an integration still doesnt exist?

That’s right. Description? No, it works just as any other music streaming works with Chromecast “smart speakers”. You can say “pause”, “resume”, “next” (if you’re playing a queue), “louder”, “softer”, “stop” and the device passes that on to Roon. Echo devices (Alexa devices) aren’t supported, nor Siri devices.

i meant where it is somehow described that roon can be controlled via google mini…?

i want to control playback on my roon devices via google mini …if possible … thanks

?is there any update?