Alexa voice control

I would love to have Amazon control over Roon, @danny any update(s) appreciated
@Marc_Koval I’d like to get this working among other upgrades next time you are in town
happy holidays, we love using Roon overall, it’s been great

Roon API was supposed to be released in 1.3 has anyone do an alexa integration yet? Thanks for any info…

Maybe I’m anal, but shouldn’t 1.3 be released first?

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I’m totally looking forward to this as well. “Alexa, please play Ella Fitzgerald’s greatest hits through the microrendu zone.”

Thanks for working so hard on these issues, the metadata, and 1.3 in general. It must be like a Wikipedia over there, 20 employees for several million things to do!

Thanks again

Not as bad as Wikipedia, Only thousands of things among 11.

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Actually, I would like to be able to use the Alexa or Echo Dots as endpoints as well.

Now when 1.3 is released and the API is there to, at least as beta.
Wouldn’t an Alexa skill from Roon team be a perfect example of API usage? :slight_smile:

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It really does amaze me people willing to place an amazon mic on their house, anyway, whatever you like…


I love them so much I have placed them in nearly every room. I WANT Amazon to record everything that happens in my household.


This products should be banned, anyway whatever you like, I am an Infosec professional you have no idea what they can do with it.

Guido, may I suggest that you start a separate thread if you have to urge to inform people about integrity and security implications with Alexa and cloud based voice control in general.

I wish someone were listening to everything we say in my home about the Trump administration!

Anyway, Alexa controlled Roon would be great!

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Could I please give this thread a gentle bump @danny as this is surely an essential feature for Roon moving forward.

If people don’t like the idea of an always on Amazon device in their house then don’t buy one - simple.

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I rather not have it. If people want such niche future it should be enable as an extension. This just adds bloat to the code.

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no need to bump, we are on it.

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That’s great news.

Any indication of your current progress?

Never thought I’d find a fellow Blade on here! Can I throw one in for Google Home integration?

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@Stephen_Blatherwick Very proud Blade at the minute too :+1:

Did I mention that I’d like Google Home integration too…? :wink: