Amazon Alexa and Privacy Concerns

Off Topic With A Little Bit Of Paranoia Thrown In:

I’m not comfortable with Amazon’s stated privacy policy concerning Alexa. And I do not trust them not to listen to and record any and all private conversations in my home, even ones that don’t involve a call to Alexa.

I have an iPhone and Siri is active, but Apple’s stated use and privacy policies are a significant step up from Amazon’s.

Just sayin’

It’s worth bearing in mind that regardless of the originating company’s policy’s - having the devices in your house allows potential access to your private life from far and wide.

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Just Saying What? Not sure about the point of your post other than to say you don’t use Amazon Echo because you don’t like the printed privacy policy. Why is that even relevant in this thread, which is a feature request. Whether you use it or not for whatever reason, has nothing to do with the feature request.

Besides being able to control Roon via an Echo, I want Echo’s to be Roon Endpoints.

Perhaps you missed my “off topic” disclaimer at the beginning of my post?

How about this – maybe, just maybe, someone who is considering acquiring a device that uses Alexa hasn’t ever considered all of the ramifications of having a device in their home that listens to everything they say?

If you’re comfortable with that, then good for you, and I hope Roon adds the features you want.

I’ve moved these privacy related posts to a new topic.

Cheers, Greg

There are any number of devices in your home that are capable of responding to voice commands once enabled. This actually has nothing to do with Siri, Alexa et al, but to do with all of the apps that require ever increasing access to various elements of your device capabilities in order to allow you to install them. Pictures, cloud storage, call details, camera to name a few. My 12 month old TV is voice command capable as well as being internet connected. I am essentially trading my privacy in return for a TV that streams Amazon and Netflix.