Alice IN Chains played on Rush 2112?

I’m not sure how this kind of thing happens, but please please fix it quick!
Alice In Chains is listed as a primary artist on the song “Tears” on Rush’s 2112.

Looks like you’ve picked up the meta data for the 40th anniversary edition. Try re-identifying the album.

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Citation needed. On your screenshot “Alice in Chains” is listed as a composer (amongst others).

PS: Why are there any others than Geddy Lee listed anyway?

Ahh, I see Rovi Corp. adds Neil Peart …

… and MusicBrainz adds Alex Lifeson.

Alice In Chains performed a cover of this song about 4 years ago. That may have also lead to the mistaken listing under AIC.

Thanks for letting us know, @Charles_Snider. Our team is investigating how we can do better here. We appreciate the feedback!