All 20 german FFH stations wrong city & lat/lon

@Roon Radio support: is it possible to change all 20 german FFH stations with a kind of database change query? Location and lat/lon are initially entered wrong for these stations.

New location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
New lat/lon: 50.1078, 8.68565

On the website of FFH (contact) the GPS coordinates 50 11’ 19", 8 44’ 45" are given. This would correspond to decimal N 50.188611, E 8.745833. Can you confirm this?
The place names of the German cities are currently written partly as German endonyms (Frankfurt am Main), partly as English exonyms (Frankfort on the Main). I don’t know if there is a uniform standard for this. I would appreciate a uniform spelling.

I wasn’t too concerned with the initial GPS displacement as it was only a Km different; however it now seems that FFH are not in Frankfurt at all and in fact are in Bad Vilbel, some 13Km away. So we ought to get that changed. I don’t know if @Ron_Witkamp’s idea of a batch change can be done. @dylan would know. If not we’ll just have to do it by hand.

I had a spare 15mins. I’ve changed them all to Bad Vilbel with the new co-ords.