All artists view look the same

When looking under artists view, it’s hard to glance and find what your looking for, because every photo uses the same pose. It would be nice to use some album covers that are already available to allow for quicker scanning of artists. Some artists album covers are far better than what’s available currently and it’s easily recognizable.

Did you know you can use your own images?

Yes, but that can take time finding the right image. Album covers are already available, so simply make this an option. They’ve already done the hard job in finding the right size and resolution.

I have no idea what you’re talking about:


On a quick glance I can’t tell you who any of those artists are. Genesis looks like the Beatles but they look like every other multi-member band photo. Randy Newman through Frahm all the same. A few stand out like Dylan, Sting and Simon but they are more familiar. If your paging through the views you have to stop and look very carefully to find a particular artist. Even when I narrow it down with the alphabet it’s not easy to find what your looking for. I’ve been using this for seven months and it’s my only real grip.

Using Jriver is so much easier at finding an artist under there view scheme.

By all means not a deal breaker, just when I’m randomly searching it’s hard to find something that pops out. When using other programs its instantly recognizable when searching artist and seeing there familiar album covers.

If I was a songwriter I’d steal that phrase. “Randomly Searching” could be the next album by…

For me, Roon’s interface is kinda disruptive to how I’ve looked at my music collection. It can be jarring to see how old and crochety some of my favortie artists have become. Or how youthful, fine, and slender a mature star looked in their youth.

Searching in Roon, even randomly searching in Roon, can sometimes feel like expedition instead of a simple lookup. I like and appreciate the experience more and more. Makes my library look bigger and makes me feel smarter.

Look under albums then…

To expand on Chris’ comment. Go to Album view and then in the top right tell it to sort albums by artist. And you’ll have an album view alphabetically by artist. Should get you to what you are looking for.

Simple, artist view takes up less screen pages (47) on my computer vs. 119 pages under album view. Once again it’s about recognizing your content that you’ve had forever. Having to learn to find a artist from an unfamiliar photo is frustrating.

Now I wish they would use other photos in the back ground while an artist song is playing, ala Jriver theatre view, that’s cool, Roon has more than enough real estate for this.

I guess I’m the only one with this grip. I’ll adapt in time. I bought a lifetime membership, hoping as they grow they figure out some already well done features from other programs.

This is about just randomly looking for something. When I want something specific I use the Alphabet.

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Roon is constantly evolving so I expect this will come in time.

I’m secretly hoping for a “Roon Party Release”, that adds in / expands upon a bunch of features like your suggestion, guest access so no one can reconfigure audio, maybe a karaoke style feature with expanded lyrics with a bouncing Roon symbol, and other fun things. :smiley:


I was hoping Minilyrics would recognize this software by now, I love using there scrolling lyrics.