All audio devices disappear with VPN

Roon Core Machine

Roon on MacOS build 1311.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roonserver build 1311 running on Archlinux.
Roonbridge 1.8 build 1125 on Archlinux.
Wireguard peer setup on MacOS
Wireguard server running on OPNsense.

Connected Audio Devices

Motu M4.
Default Macbook speakers

Number of Tracks in Library

Couple of thousand, don’t think it matters for the issue.

Description of Issue

When I activate a wireguard connection, my local network is available, DNS works for local and public addresses and the firewall is setup to allow all traffic over the tunnel. I am an IT engineer so I know how this stuff works ;-). Just sayin’ haha!

With the Wireguard active, all the local audio devices including the USB device which were setup in Roon as playback devices disappear. Only another Macbook is available via Airplay to enable (I hadn’t set that up). When I go ahead to set it up, it asks for my Airplay password and once done, it also disappears. So no audio devices are available …

MacOS itself is still able to see and use Motu M4.

What gives? Why would Roon be unable to see/use locally setup and connected audio devices when a Wireguard VPN is active?

When I disconnect VPN, everything goes back to the way it was setup.

I setup and tested bidirectional communications over Wireguard VPN. When I connect multiple clients over VPN, they can connect and communicate with each other. For example, I can connect via SSH from one wireguard client to the other using both their Wireguard tunnel IP and their local network interface address. This means that if Roon server or bridge would be required to initiate the connection to a Roon client, it will be able to do so.

I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work. Is this is a security measure in Roon to prevent non-local clients to use someone else’s subscription?

Any ideas please?

Because all the device discovery happens over the network layer.
And VPNs are not a supported configuration but can be made to work. I suppose your thread will therefore end up in Tinkering


I’ll search through that part of the forums. Hints on where or what to look for are appreciated, if anyone has them.

I don’t know the best one, but lots of discussions:

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This seems to be the solution.

Haven’t been able to test it yet but it looks promising.

Re-categorized thread to Tinkering due to the use of the Wireguard VPN.

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