All Devices Lost

Running ROON from windows laptop. Latest update resulted in loss of all zones/audio devices. I’ve reinstalled bridge. I’ve updated devices that had updates available, ie - Project Stream Box. (No update for Ifi Zen Stream). I’ve rebooted computers and reset wifi network. The only audio options that show in settings are those for the laptop the core sits on.

Maybe I’m overlooking some simple “checkbox” setting that shifted with the latest update?

If anyone else hit the same problem and found a solution…

Any changes to your Windows firewall settings, confirming that roon.exe and raatserver.exe are allowed, as well as confirming your WiFi network is set to Private in Windows?

Hi Robert. raatserver.exe and roon.exe were allowed on both private and public settings inside Windows firewall. Wi-fi is set to private.Turning Windows firewall off makes no difference either.

Thank you for responding Robert. All good now (kinda)

Turns out that (and not claiming to understand this), but…

Before the ROON update came through, I’d plugged the laptop directly into the router with some CAT6. Everything was fine. Then the update landed and ROON (as described above) died. I’ve removed the CAT cable from between the laptop and router and my devices and zones have returned. They remain visible if I plug the CAT back in but…well, playback just doesn’t happen.

So I have my core running on an unwired connection again and the world fills with sound. :slight_smile:

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Excellent to hear. This may be due to a network conflict by having two network interfaces active or switching between them. Glad to know you are stable again!