All multi-disc albums are now unidentified

So I have a new problem. I’ve painstakingly renumbered all my multi-discs to the first way mentioned in link above from @tripleCrotchet . That is:

Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection/
01-01 Track.flac
01-02 Track.flac

02-01 Track.flac
02-02 Track.flac

For new sets that I had that have NEVER been added before all is fine. For my ~700 that initially came up as unidentified they still won’t be recognized by Roon. I have done the following:

  • Forced a rescan of music library
  • Gone to triple dot (…) menu and edited album tried the following multiple times

Please help! @support

The missing step is cleaning the library as roon retains a memory of the previous “unidentified” state untll you do.

You may have to:

  1. Remove ALL your 700+ albums from your watched folder (in Windows)
  2. Settings → Library → Clean up library (in Roon)
  3. Copy ALL your 700+ albums back into your watched folder

Personally I would do this in batches 10/20 albums at a time or some other batches based on sub-folders if you have them. It also makes sense in step 1 to remove a few albums, clean the library and copy the few albums back just to make sure it is working as expected.

What an incredible PITA. I’ve concluded there is no way to select more than one album from the Albums/Focus and actually make the Edit, Re-identify Album actually work. It does nothing from that part of Roon. It only works from an individual album.

So you have to move or delete the album from your current network location. Go Settings/Storage/Force rescan. Next copy the corrected albums back to location. Finally Settings/Storage/Force Rescan again. This is the only way I have found to do it in mass. The other option is to go to 700 albums individually and edit/Re-Identify.

Ugh! :neutral_face:

You can do this in batches.

You seem to be missing a step. After you remove the album(s) from your monitored folder(s) you then have to “clean up library” and copy the album(s) back again

If you do it that way you do not have to one by one do multiple “force rescan” of individual albums.

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