All my Qobuz albums are missing from my library [Fix in progress]

I have dozens of albums in my library that i have been adding from Qobuz over the past year. Today they all disappeared!
Any thoughts?

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There are several threads about this.

Did you see this …

First thing to check if you can login with Qobuz via Qobuz web or app.
If that is Ok, you can try to force Qobuz synchronisation in Roon again.

I had the same issue yesterday after rebuild of my server and restoring on older backup.
All my Qobuz albums were first restored and than disappeared in about 1 minute ( album counter running down)

This is how I got them back:

Go to Setup services - logout from Qobuz.
Restart Roon.
Login to Qobuz again.
Now click edit and click synchronize now.
If it finish almost immediately click again synchronize now.
Repeat until synchronize now actually starts doing something.
1st time I got some 100 albums back.
Waited 15minutes, doing the same process again.
Got me about 150 albums this time.
Repeated this during the rest of the day and after about 10 times (5 hours later) I got all my Qobuz albums back (about 1300).

I was quite dissappointed (to put it mildly) that I had to do it this way, but I hold on as I needed to make sure to be able to make new backups.
(In Roon you can NEVER make enough backups at different locations, but that is for another support topic).

@support - I do believe that the ContentNetwork Servers in Roon’s infrastructure are overloaded or need an urgent restart.



Yeah, but what’s going on? What’s causing this? This is really bad. #support @dylan @rebeka

See here:

Maybe point me at a couple?

Thanks, Geoff. I appreciate it. It would have been nice to get an advisory from Roon instead of finding out about it this way.

This issue only affected a minority of Qobuz users, and Roon Labs had no way of knowing who was hit, so an advisory email would be difficult to target, I think. There have been plenty of threads in the Support forum about it, so my advice would be to first check the forum the next time you have an issue. You may find that you are not the first, and there may already be fixes in the pipeline…

Unfortunately the problem seems to be affecting more users since the fix was rolled out.

You could very well be right - and if so, I don’t doubt that the telephone wires between Roon Labs and Qobuz are red-hot right now.


I’m sorry, but how do you know this?

I disagree. A notice sent to all subscribers that they have encountered an issue affecting even just a small number of customers, imo, is the professional way to do it. This is a paid service after all.

Scrolling through multiple threads is not how I want to spend my time nor to find a solution to a problem that the company already knows about. To be fair, I seem to spend an awful amount of time here for the same reason you mentioned, for a multiple array of problems. But I would rather connect with a proper support channel, with a ticketing system and reasonable service level agreement response times.


I agree with Arthur that in cases where a number of users are hit at the same time, there should be a way for Roon to inform/warn customers.

Roon insists every single user to report issues/problems into an individual topic.
(hence the different topics about this Roon-Qobuz synchronisation problems)

If Roon cannot inform users byemail, they should put a sticky topic at the top of the forum until the problem is solved.

Now, I have to enable watching the Support forum, and see all ‘individual’ topics coming in, which I am not interested in as I am not able to help anyway.



If you want to talk about how Roon could handle this, go ahead. If you want to understand what is known here about this issue, do a search of this forum for the many threads that talk about it.

All my Qobuz albums are missing too. I have tried the fix mentioned a few threads up, but made no difference.

A Community Forum is not the most obvious place for support, and a failure to communicate with customers is pretty poor. I appreciate that the issue is not really yours to resolve, but it is only an issue within Roon as far as I can see. Every other way in which I can access Qobuz is just fine.

Please do better with your communications.


Hi everyone,

We are looking into this and will keep everyone updated here:


I disagree. When an issue appears that affects a significant number of users, the service provider has a duty to inform its customers base about

  • the issue (symptoms and origin)
  • the measures being taken to address it
  • the foreseeable time frame to solve it

The forum may be an appropriate solution in some other instances, but not this one. Some customers may be led to try inappropriate “solutions” that could damage their user experience further.

A “minority” of users can still be a lot. I understand that Roonlabs prefers not to make the issue visible to all customers. This is bad policy, as is any decision that disregards the legitimate right of customers to transparency.


Agreed. Where is page?

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Paying what we do for this service, we should not be required to make this effort. Any professional organization would have a way for the customer to contact the company directly and visa versa. They would also alert the customer to any problems as significant as this one. We should not have to deal with other customers and fans who many times play interference rather than help. A forum should not be a replacement for tech support. Especially with a product as buggy as Roon!


I am having the same issue. All of favorites imported in the last four months appear in my Roon Qobuz tab, but not in my albums overview.

I have tried many of the suggestions of rebooting, logging in again and out, server restarts and nothing is pulling the favorites in Qobuz back into my library.

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