All of a sudden NUC Dead :( [resolved, cause unknown]

My Intel NUC7I7BNH just died. It is frustrating. I don’t get any video from HDMI, and the ROCK does not does not show up on my network. It worked perfectly until today. It lights up blue and does not flash or anything like that. I looks like it is booting, but clearly something is wrong. I submitted a support request to Intel, but figured I would post here in case anyone has any ideas.

is it hot? 7i7 can easily overheat if your fan died. do you hear the fan?

are you seeing lights internally? (not just the blue power light)

do you have an internal drive? can you hear it spin up?

are you seeing lights on the ethernet port when a live cable is plugged in?

If the cpu fan is not spinning, then your i7 is history. If the cpu fan goes for even a short period of time, the cpu is cooked. It has been my unfortunate experience that before the fan goes a front panel light will start to rapidly blink red.:cold_sweat:

CPU Fan is spinning.

I will check for internal lights

No internal spinning drive

I do see lights on the ethernet port, but the weird thing is that the port it is plugged into on my swithch indicates that it is connected at 100 Mbps, not 1 Gbps, and it never actually gets on my network.

Hum, so I plugged it back in today, it and it seemed to boot, and I hear the CPU fan, but:

  1. It takes several seconds after power on to start spinning, seems odd.
  2. Does not sound like it is REALLY spinning very well, but not sure.

Anyone know how to open up the top of the unit to get a look at the fan?

Hum, my ROCK NUC is alive today. After messing with it for a couple hours last night…now I have to really wonder what happened. Overheating is a logical assumption, but if the fan was dead it would be overheating again pretty quickly, and I have been playing music for about 15 minutes with no problems.

Very weird. I did pull the mSSD and memory out, and just reinstalled it. I had tinkered with the memory during my troubleshooting last night, but maybe it was the mSSD, and it for some “ghost in the machine” reason it just needed to be reseated?

I guess the NUC should throttle the CPU to lower frequency when it overheats + you should see log entries like I can see sometimes on my 6i7KYK: “CPU6: Package temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 88117)”.

My 6i7kyk fan is dying (it started rattling, then it got bit better after i cleaned it thoroughly with compressed air, however i can still hear it’s not behaving correctly - like it won’t spin on very low rpm, or rpm constantly changes on low-rpm. Only when rpm is higher than about 2000 it starts spinning, but the sound is still non-OK.

I was trying to find replacement but it seems it’s not possible due to custom size of heatsink in the NUC :frowning:
I had to buy another NUC until this one will go for warranty :frowning:

In the 6i7kuk the fan has following sticker: Delta Electronics KSB0605HB 6425SE 25HF BNM 0.6A .
I was looking for Delta Electronics fans, only very few are 0.6A but i have not ordered one because i’m not sure if it would fit (due to the custom heatsink size…)… If anyone has some experience on replacing fan on the NUC i would be very grateful :slight_smile:

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Thanks Maniac. I checked the logs, no throttling messages. I am still up and running with no issues. Hopefully it was just one of those things…

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