All Things Must Pass Album two CD versions on Qobuz, different prices

Hi! I’m trying to purchase the All Things Must Pass (50th Anniversary / Super Deluxe) album from Qobuz. When I click buy album on the 96/24 or 192/24 versions I’m presented with two options 96/24 and CD quality BUT they have different prices. 192/24 version is not available for purchase. And I don’t know what’s the difference between the two CD versions. Anybody who can explain this? Thanks!

Hi Arthur, it looks like a labelling error. I would suggest you contact Qobuz support who usually respond within a few hours, their webform address is :-

Thanks, Paul. I already contacted them but they haven’t replied yet aside from the acknowledgment of my message. I checked the album on HDTracks and they only have this album in 96/24 and 192/24. Could the CD versions on Qobuz be downsampled from the 96 and 192 ones? I’m sure I won’t hear the difference, but I’d still like to know what I’m paying for.

My guess is that CD quality is “red book” i.e. 16/44.1 but I agree you need to be certain what you’re paying for. I fear you’ll need to wait for a reply from Qobuz.
It’s a great Great album by the way :+1:t3:

Yup, I’m definitely fine with Red Book quality and was in fact aiming to purchase that version. Another curious thing is that this particular album is not available to stream in 44/16 on Qobuz.

It appears to be the same version except that one is in hi-res and the other is Redbook. Qobuz calls 16/44.1 “CD” quality.
Why doesn’t Qobuz sell the 192? Hard to know. Maybe the price and/or discount they are allowed to give wasn’t advantageous in their opinion.
The label is selling a deluxe blu ray set with the 192, so they have an interest in the price of 192 not being too heavily discounted in order to sell the deluxe set.

I think the first is the regular 2 CD edition, and the second is the Deluxe 3 CD edition.

Hi Neil, the screenshots above are of the Super Deluxe 5-CD editions. The top one is for the 96/24 version, while the bottom one is for the 192/24 version.

Hi Danny. Thanks, but then why are the two similar versions priced differently? As I said above, the screenshots are of the Super Deluxe 5-CD (70-track) editions. The top one appeared when I clicked “buy now” on the 96/24 album page, while the bottom one is from the 192/24 page.

OK, I think I understand you now. When I click on one “Super Deluxe” I get the 24/96 download version, and the other one gives me the 24/192. Priced accordingly, same 70 tracks.

You aren’t seeing that?

Yes, the two “CD” versions are priced differently. I’d be willing to bet it’s just a mistake. So order the less expensive one. Highly likely it’ll be the same 70 track set. If it isn’t, then ask them to cancel. The 192 is probably available, and mis-labled as 96 on that purchase page.

It wouldn’t be the first time Qobuz has mispriced albums. I got a multi disc set for about $5 a few years ago. Even after they were alerted to the mistake, it took them a while to fix it.

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Yes, I’m not seeing the 24/192 version on the Add to Cart pop up window from the 24/192 page.

You might be right. It’s also curious that this edition is not available in CD quality for streaming on Qobuz but is available to purchase. It’s also not available in HDTracks. Anyway, thanks so much. I’ll wait for the confirmation from qobuz before pulling the trigger.

I guess for some releases the music industry just does as the movie business: Only cinema/physical copies/online shopping for some time before streaming services.