All tracks performed by A,B&C displayed in Roon

Content you’re reporting an issue with

All tracks performed by A,B&C! It would seem that this is an additional performer on all tracks for this release, but not from my metadata.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Initially tagged using MusicBrainz. Some additional tag via ID3, e.g., DISCSUBTITLE, but nothing that would provide this reference. Indeed, if I opt to make the release unidentified this line dissappears since all tracks are performed by ABC.

Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local, CD-rip (FLAC)

Screenshot of import settings

Set to prefer file in majority of instances.

Description of the issue

Unidentified performer: A,B&C.
Note that my other versions of this release are fine, and so is the Qobuz deluxe edition (XW version has 30 tracks, UK CD version has 31.)

We don’t have “AB&C” as an artist in the metadata for this album on our servers. Please would you check the metadata in the Qobuz file tags?

The Qobuz release of the deluxe edition (30 tracks) doesn’t include this artist. In fact, the only Qobuz reference to A,B&C I could find is for a single release:

I have deleted the release, cleaned the library, and reimported, and this persists. However, when I connect to a second core on my laptop, using the same media files, this reference doesn’t occur. I’ve also cleared the cache.

I’m beginning to think that Clean up library is leaving artifacts for a given release even after deletion, since I have seen a classical work with an incorrectly formatted work that makes no sense to me.

I’ll probably trash my database and start over once I’ve written a script to import my Roon tags into the files (I hang on to my backups.)

Download the file tags here.

This is a guess: your server is taking your ABC file tags and equivalencing them locally to the A,B&C artist already in your library, after performing some normalization to get the match. Did you have any other local (file) ABC content before adding this album?

But the other release isn’t in my library.

Oh sorry. I’m completely baffled then.

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