Allmusic credits: reliable?

I find Allmusic credits to contain many errors.

Artists are often erroneously listed on an album they have not played on.

I suspect Rovi applies algorithms to determine credits based on recordings.

Could Roon explain how credits are determined in the Rovi data?

I have a feeling that MusicBrainz credits are more reliable. However, Roon does not seem to combine the two sources (Rovi and MusicBrainz).

What is the logic used in Roon to determine whether the Metadata comes from Rovi or MusicBrainz for a given album?


Allmusic is the only DB you should use, because in Roon-land, it rules.

There is talk about using other sources to augment things, and there are some different sources already.

Roon is not likely to explain where credits come from. Need to ask Rovi.

Roon uses both Rovi and MusicBrainz. It is not a question of what one “should use”, but what Roon actually uses. I am sure they have some insignts as to how that data is build.

I’ve found Allmusic credits are lousy at best and it’s still not clear to me how we can best help fix issues, which is why I’ve posted this Can we get a pinned topic here that outlines whether/how to report metadata issues?

Agreed - credits are not always accurate and never well presented.
You can log on to the AllMusic sites and request corrections. Good luck !

Allmusic is great. A music bible of sorts. I really appreciate a lot of the writers. It’s a big reason I signed up for a lifetime subscription. Sure, not every album released is reviewed and some credits are incorrect. But it’s an incredible resource and far better than anything else out there!

I was only commenting on the credits - I appreciate AllMusic, and I am sure the reviewers are not the ones entering the credits. Let’s stay on topic…

All good. I just wanted to show my appreciation for AllMusic. Like I said, the credits can be a crapshoot. But I do love the ability to click on “credits” and then click on that particular person and see what else they’ve done. But there are definitely some holes there…