Allo Digi Sig as Roon End Point

My Roon core is on an iMac High Sierra OS. My family room stereo plays Roon (and now Qobuz) through a BlueSound Vault end point through a Marantz DAC to my Naim amp. I’m trying to add my downstairs room to be able to play my Roon library and just purchased the Allo Digione Signature with the Diet Pi OS. My Roon is not finding it so not sure if I need to load some other OS or just internet to my network. Appreciate any and all help. Cheers Steve

Did you go into DietPi config and add the Roon bridge software?


Thanks for the suggestions above. I installed with diet pi and then with ropieee. Ropiee seemed to install fine but I still can’t find as a recognized Roon zone for selecting my Allo Digione. Any idea on how to have Roon find as an end point. Thanks

I can see my Allo Diet Pi in my network recognized by Roon and selected music looks like it is playing but I can’t seem to get audio out of the Digione. Is there something in the configuration or other settings on the Diet Pi OS that I need to change. Trying to play out of S/PDIF output. Thanks for all of your help.

Hi @Stephen_Johnson, can you post a pic of the signal path and the Roon device settings for the endpoint please? I’m also curious as to what sort of DAC you have connected to the Allo Digi S/PDIF output. One step at a time, but seems as though you’re getting there.

I had an issue with Dietpi where it muted the audio output. You may need to log in and fix that. If you search for Dietpi no audio on Google, there are some instructions.

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You hace yo Enter vía browser and type DietPi.local
Them select sound Cardona…and choose between dac’.dac1.1 .ir the othrrs .it depends on the dac’ you are using

Have you selected the ALLO-DIGIONE sound card in System Settings?

Try to Enter figione config and select the dac type in sound card option.then tell yo me

Yes.enter into digione config and select dac’ type .dac’ dac1.1 in the sound card Tag

Hi Wilfredo, I think you will find that the correct option in the sound card dropdown is “allo-digione” (see below). The DigiOne is just a sound card, it doesn’t really know anything about the DAC other than which output it is connected to.