Allo DigiOne and usbridge support

I was looking at purchasing an Allo DigiOne or Usbridge player. In RopieeeXL, under the list of HAT’s, it seems that only the Digione Signature is listed . Are both of these devices supported, and will work with DSD/MQA via Roon ?. My DAC is a Matrix Audio Sabre Pro MQA.

Many thanks!

I’m also curious about the Allo DigiOne.

Signature is between () :wink:

So yeah, both the original Digione and Digione Signature are supported.


Right :). Is the USbBridge supported ? In addition to MQA/DSD via Roon ?

UsbBRidge is not based on a raspberry pi, so the answer is no.

But… there is a new model coming that will be supported from day 1 :wink:

For specs I suggest you ask Allo for that.

Interesting! Hopefully it’s not too far away. Thanks for all your answers!