Allo DigiOne GUI - Beginner question - Can't Access GUI?

I bought a used Allo DigiOne with DietPi already on memory card.

Plugged in an ethernet cable from the router and ROON sees the Allo DigiOne and I can play music through it.

However, I can’t access the Allo GUI, their web based graphical interface where I could access other needed features on the Allo (like WiFi, tell it my WiFi passwords and use the machine in other rooms.

According to the Allo instructions, this should be simple. They say, " 2. Open web-browser on locally connected PC to configure the Audio Device. dietpi.local or IP address of the player"

I can get the IP address from my Router’s phone app. I try various browsers with “dietpi.local” or the IP address noted for the Allo and always, nothing opens.

I’m doing this on a newer MacBook Pro. I also tried when the MacBook was also plugged into the router via an ethernet cable.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t open/access the Allo GUI?

Go to Roon Settings > About to determine the IP address. It’ll be listed under Roon Brdige. Then type http://<IP address> in your browser.

I have done as you’ve suggested. Usually I was getting the IP address from my router’s phone app, but I had also got the same Allo IP address from the Roon settings. But I’ve just done it again, and same results - can’t access GUI.

Safari says can’t open the server and Chromecast says the IP address (of the Allo DietPi) refused to open.
,…went to Roon Settings and found the IP address listed in Roon for the Allo under Roon > Settings > Audio.

So it didn’t work, but your suggestion was welcome and helpful. It tells me that what I was doing should indeed work - and its helpful to know that.

I entered the IP address ("http:// in Safari and Chromecast browser address bar.

This won’t solve your problem but gives you another path to getting wireless up on your Pi.

Do you need any features or services of DietPi? If not, and you just want it to act as Roon endpoint, try
I prefer it to DietPi and its much simpler to work with as a Roon endpoint.

Otherwise you’ll need to login via ssh to DietPi and figure out why the Allo GUI isn’t running. That requires reading the DietPi documentation. Then, once you’ve gone through that mess you might decide to give-up on the Allo GUI in favor of running a newer version of Diet Pi. Last time I played with this, honestly over a year ago, the Allo version of Diet Pi was old and I broke the GUI when I tried to run an update/upgrade. Gave-up on DietPi after that. Good luck.

I’ll try putting ropieee on the card and running that. The paths you’ve outlined for me make sense. I can see that digging into the DietPi documentation and forums might lead to a solution and it could (more likely) lead me beyond where it makes sense to invest time.

Just the process of putting ropieee on a card and getting it to work will be a useful learning experience. And maybe then can experiment to get DietPi to fully work (i.e., with GUI).

thank you for the suggestions

Yes,…Ropieee is working nicely and all as expected - much easier for me.

The mini-SD card was pulled from the Allo DigiOne/Rasberry Pi. DietPi files were saved to my MacBook and then overwritten with Ropieee flash done with Etcher software.

Memory card was then put back into the Raspberry Pi and after re-boots the Raspberry Pi with Ropieee was installed and ready to go.

With Ropieee, the web interface worked immediately and easily and I could then ask it to configure for Allo DigiOne, which it did. And after another reboot to facilitate this change, the Allo DigiOne shows up (and plays) in Roon.

Though I won’t get at it now, I can see in the Ropieee web interface where I can easily enter the WiFi credentials for wireless and also upgrade to Ropieee XL if want Airport and other options…,.

So, this has sorted me out and got me out of the muck, where I was good and stuck. Thank you


Hi, I follow carefully the exchange of your messages but I would like to ask you for advice in some details. I have, as you the same mbp plus tidal through roon. It is all I need plus wifi and maybe airport so ropieeexl. My question is about flashing the sdcard. The sd card has to be a new one, with nothing on it, or has to be the one that came with the allo digitone signature?
In the second case, flashing it we just add the ropieee in the sdcard without erasing the Dietpi. is it ok?
And how did you save as back up the content of the sdcard in the mbp? The IOS can do this? Thank you all for your help Savvas

No, you can reuse the one that came with the DigiOne. Use balenaEtcher on your MacBook Pro to flash the RoPieee XL image to the SD card.

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Thanks for your answer. I suppose, in that case, the Dietpi will be erased.
Now, if I want to keep the Dietpi SD card for future use, can I use a new SD card flashed with the RoPieeexl? Does the RoPieee boot the allo digitone signature? thanks for your help

Yes, you can use a new card. Alternatively, backup the current image using ApplePi-Baker v2 to your Mac.

Yes, RoPieee (incl. XL) works with the Allo DigiOne Signature.

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Very helpful! Thanks a lot, Martin.

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