Allo DigiOne Roon Bridge requires frequent restarts

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with Allo DigiOne running Dietpi. Every twelve hours or so after last restart it will stop outputting to the DAC, and Tidal tracks will hang, then skip, even trying to play to another zone.

Restarting the device always fixes the problem - for a while.

My Roon server is a Mac mini. Server and endpoint are connected to the network via WiFi with an Asus OnHub router (uses a mesh network).

Any advice would be appreciated! We have another endpoint we want to set up, but my wife is already complaining that she requires help desk (me) support whenever she wants to listen to music.

A few of us have the same problem. Allo knows about it and have a fix. But if you can’t solder, then you need to email and arrange an exchange. This is from Allo DigiOne board thread:

allo.comjohan 4d
Yes we are aware that DigiOne is very sensitive to static discharge or any disturbance into the ground. (even some relay on the AMP can create problems)

To counter this we have released a small doc on how to modify the unit (remove a DC choke) .Also all new units have incorporated this modification .On testing we have the same jitter.noise on output (with the choke removed)

Cheers, Bill. Appreciate your help a lot.

Also a clarification in case someone else finds this searching for the same problem: my issue was with the Digione only. I misremembered having the issue with my Boss as well. Hooking it up again, it’s working just fine.

I was having this problem. But after updating Roon to 1.4, it appears to have been fixed. My Allo DigiOne Pi has been running for a week now. No reboots.

Also, when it would fail, my Pi still worked with other zones (ShairPlay) just not RoonBridge.

Thanks, Fritz. I updated about a week ago, but the problem persists.

Well, I just needed a reboot last night. Didn’t test airplay as I was in a hurry to get music on. Sigh.