Allo Digione Signature - Is It Roon Ready Certified?

New to Roon. Currently have a Topping D90 DAC. Was thinking of going with the Allo Digione Signature for my streamer. I’ve seen all the talk recently regarding Roon Certified devices. Am I good with the Allo? Do I need to run Ropieee on it? Help please…

Short answer: yes. :slight_smile:

The Digione will work as a Roon Bridge and as such isn’t affected by this certification mess issue.

You don’t need to. But I would recommend it - if you need more than just Roon playback, use the Ropieee XL variant which has for instance Airplay (Shairport sync) and UPnP support built in, as well.

Thank you so much for your response. This is good news. Is there another OS you would recommend besides Ropieee or Ropieee XL?

The one it comes with?

The DigiOne Signature is not on the list of Roon Tested devices, so I would assume it’s not OK (the DigiOne is)


It may not be “Roon Tested” but that has nothing to do with the recent certification woes and there are enough reports in this very forum of working DigiOne Sig installations.

The DigiOne and DigiOne Signature are for all intents identical Roon Bridge devices. The DigiOne is Roon Tested.

Neither are Roon Ready but don’t need to be since they use Roon Bridge which is not distributed with the hardware.

Allo sells these transports as complete “players” with your choice of software, which can include Roon Bridge. I purchased both the DigiOne and Signature after selecting the DietPi operating system to be pre-installed on the microSD card, which means that Roon Bridge is already there to be activated.

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How about the Usbridge Signature?

These all use Roon Bridge and this is not distributed with the RPi OS–Diet PI, Ropieee etc.–but downloaded and installed at first use. Some RPi hats are Roon Tested; non are Roon Ready since this isn’t needed.

The Topping D90 support S/PDIF and USB so you could simply start with a Raspberry Pi and add the hat later.

My recommendation for OS is Ropieee.

I use the USBridge Signature as a Roon Endpoint. It had some problems with pops and ticks with the the DietPi firmware, but works flawlessly when using RoPieee firmware.

I used the Topping D50s with Allo USBridge and it worked well (when using RoPieee firmware).

The Digione is not a network device… it speaks to the Raspberry Pi over a pinout on the Raspberry Pi. It is not Roon Ready but it doesn’t need to be.

If you run Ropieee or DietPi on the Raspberry Pi that has the Allo attached to it, that is fine, as both of those OS providers have explicit instruction from us on the proper way to redistribute RoonBridge.

I have an Rpi4 which was working fine in Roon, using Ropieee, seen in Roon settings as an endpoint into any USB DAC or USB/spdif adater.
However, having added the Allo Digi Signature and using BNC out, it is not seen in Roon settings audio devices, or by my DACs.
I tried a new install of Ropiee, to no avail.
I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

Have you checked that you have configured the Audio HAT output device correctly in Ropieee ?

That was the problem, needed to add the HAT in Ropieee. Many thanks

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