Currently I have a Raspberry Pi 3+, connected to Chord Qutest via USB, but I want to add the Digione Signature to my Roon setup and connect via BNC. I have absolutely zero Unix knowledge and really think I would struggle big time if I was to buy the Signature board and try to add on to the Pi3, then configure it all manually, and then also carry out any other tweaks that might be required to get this all working in Roon :grinning:

So I noticed that Allo do DIGIONE SIGNATURE PLAYER which is apparently fully configured and they claim is “plug and play”. My question is how “plug and play” is it actually? Once it was powered on what exactly would require to be done before the player was visible to Roon?

Sorry for the lack of knowledge, but I’m really out my depth with all this stuff. So given the not insignificant outlay to purchase the Signature player, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

If I remember correctly, you can have a choice of operating system when you purchase the ‘player’.
DietPi requires more tinkering than Volumio (if they are the offerings).
For an easy start, I would suggest Volumio if this is being offered.
If not, some tinkering will be required (even though it really isn’t that tricky!).
You can always change the OS later - it really is quite simple.
Initially, connect the player to a monitor via HDMI. Switch on…follow instructions…done (making sure to enable Roon). Should then appear as a device within Roon

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reply.

Yes there is an option to purchase with Volumio, so I’ll go ahead and purchase. One last silly question before I do though. This player is configured with RPi 4 B, and not RPi 3, presumably this will not be a problem for Roon ( I did say I was out of my depth lol!)

You make it sound so easy, but trust me I’ll be amazed if I don’t need any help from you guys in the forum lol

I know it’s not an option from Allo but I believe Ropieee works on the Usbridge Sig. This would require you to create the image on a separate micro sd card but the instructions are pretty clear on the website. Just plug the sd card in and power on, I don’t have experience with Volumio but Ropieee just worked once I plugged power in. If Ropieee doesn’t work for some reason you can just replace the sd card that comes from Allo and go from there.

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for the reply, to be honest I am struggling to follow what you are suggesting here, and what the Usbridge Sig actually does - this is entirely my fault and not yours :grinning:
Like I said I am seriously out of my depth when it comes to this stuff. That is why I like the sound of the DigiOne Signature player because it comes fully configured, and from my admittedly limited knowledge seems to be the easiest/less difficult route to me achieving my goal.

Just for clarity’s sake-The devices on Allo’s website come with an SD card inserted into the player. The OS option you select on the product page (Dietpi, Volumio, etc.) determines which platform is installed on said SD card. When you power up the player, it reads whatever OS is installed and boots up from there. The option I was referring to would involve purchasing a separate SD card and using your laptop to create a bootable image (per Ropieee’s procedure). Swap SD cards with the new one you made and power up. If unsuccessful the nice thing is you can just go back and forth between platforms by changing cards. I suggested Ropieee because although it does require the added step of creating the image it is geared toward Roon and was plug and play for me, although I don’t know how easy Volumio is. Just thought I’d try and clear things up.

Thanks Alejandro, appreciate your input.

I’ll stick with the Digione Signature Player though, as long as somebody can confirm that it being configured with RPi 4 B rather than a lower version of Pi is not a problem - ie RPi 4 will work with Roon?

I just got mine this week with Rpi 4, works no problem.

Thank you for clarifying Alejandro

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Should be fine. Lots of folks on here are using Roon with Raspberry Pi 4 devices.

Thanks Bill

If you get stuck, just come back and ask :+1:

Thanks Tim

I purchased a new digione signature. It certainly isn’t “plug and play.” The instructions are terrible. I ordered it with the OS for Roon. I have everything direct connected to the modem – sonicTransport, digione and iMac. It isn’t recognized in my network and won’t show up in Roon on my iPad. ultreRendu works fine. I wish I had never bought this POS.

I also don’t have a monitor I can connect to the digione hdmi.

You can connect a TV.
Can you see it on your router?

I can see “dietpi” on network, but not Allo

Clicking dietpi says it can’t be read.

I can’t see the Rendu or the Allo on my router, but Rendu is playng now.