Allo DigiOne Signature w/Shanti vs ifi iPower

I’m currently powering the clean side of my DigiOne Signature with an ifi iPower power supply. Any thoughts on whether and how much of an improvement I would hear with the Shanti power supply? The system is: Roon NUC --> Signature --> Naim DAC --> B&W 804’s.

I have an iFi, Shanti and SBooster supply here that I’ve tried with a few pieces of kit, including Allo’s. Although not the DigiOne Sig, which I haven’t heard yet. I’ll be trying them all with a USBridge Sig soon.

In my experience each step up is worth the cost (one man’s cost effective is another’s rip off of course)

Worth also saying that the iFi is a good solution in my experience - good enough for my son to ask for one last Christmas to use with an Allo Boss, which really flies with it. At that level the Shanto doesn’t really make sense financially. But with your kit I’d say an even better supply could well be worthwhile.

I concur. I also had a iFi PS, then a Teddy Pardo which was a large improvement and now the Shanti which is the same level of further improvement.

I didn’t compare to ifi but shanti was the best power supply I had.

Does anyone already have experience with the new IfI Power X


I own iFi, Shanti, and now Allo’s Nirvana 5v SMPS, which is the answer if you’d like to stay under $100.

Did you compare the Shanti with Nirvana?
I use Topping E30 atm.

How did the Nirvana compare against the Shanti?
I have the Shanti but was curious to know as I read some comments elsewhere saying Nirvana is as good as Shanti? Please throw some light on this. Thanks.

I use with my rpi4 and pi2aes hat.

Ifi power x, supplies the pi section.

Powers up and works.
Nice sound comes out.

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Sorry no, I haven’t heard the Nirvana