Allo Piano 2.1 output modes

@spockfish Harry do you know which output mode you are using on the Piano 2.1. Is it Dual mono (L&R Main as Left and L&R Sub as Right) or L&R main and L&R sub? Seems it hard to find info on what is actually what here…

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Hello @wizardofoz. Yesterday I assembled and configured an Allo Piano 2.1 (with Sparky and Kali) in Dual Mono mode. I was using the left and sub right connectors.

My Allo Piano 2.1 DAC is my soundcard number 1. I found out it with command aplay -l. The sound card number 0 is the Sparky on-board one.

I set de Dual Mono mode with the command:
amixer -c 1 set ‘Dual Mode’ ‘Dual-Mono’

I also set the master (both DACS) volume to max (207) or 0 dB with the command:
amixer -c 1 set ‘Master’ 207

You can also check the contents al the variables with the command:
amixer -c 1 scontents

@acatala thanks for that. Didn’t know it was only the outer rca’s in play. Looks like @spockfish Harry might need to be able to set some oprions on ropieee with this.

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Hello, I have got RopIeeXL installed on a Piano 2.1+Kali+RPi3b

the UI is not allowing any configuration of the DAC (crossover etc) and I am not able to access ALSA Mixer via SSH?

what am I doing wrong? I need the device to work as a 2.1 system.


ropieee might not be the best option here then, maybe can make some recommendation - or use their software and add the RPi Roon Bridge onto it.

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thank you for your response. I thought I would ask, since the DAC is among the many supported DACs in RoPieeeXL There is an attractiveness to the Plug and play proposition that is undeniable, and if I could make the piano 2.1 work, it would be wonderful.

In any case I am thinking of moving my digiOne to RoPieeeXL anyway. since there is so little to configure.

In the meantime, while I still hope for a RoPieee solution, I have tried and given up on volumio and am now trying DietPi.

It’s not entirely clear to me why it should not work. AFAIK ‘out-of-the-box’ the Piano DAC does 2.1.

hello, thank you for the reply.

My purpose of buying the Piano 2.1 was to use it in, well, a 2.1 system. it replaces a Pre-pro and plugs directly into the relevant poweramps.

i am unable to see how to set the crossover frequencies. and /or relative levels for the main out and sub out.

would be wonderful if you could help.


I’m not familiar with the Piano DAC myself.

Didn’t know you could set all kinds of parameters. And no, that’s not supported in RoPieee.
So in that case indeed RoPieee might not suit your needs.


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oh thats a pity because your software is precisely what I need. I bought the Rpi version of the player rather than the sparky version because i was not sure of the RoPieee support form Sparky.

Will figure out another solution. thank you anyway for such a wonderful piece of software for the community. ( you may wish to put a caveat around the Piano 2.1 support. :slight_smile: )


Thanks for the hint. I’ll add a note to the documentation.