Allo Returns Customer Service?

Has anyone had issues with customer service from Allo regarding returns? I ordered a USBridge Signature Player from Allo. I received the device promptly.
Unfortunately, it did not mesh well with my system, so I returned it for a refund after a few days per their policy. The initial part of the return process went fine, as they promptly emailed me a return label and necessary shipping documents.

I can see in the FEDEX website tracking that the package with the USBridge was received by Allo over two weeks ago. I have not, however, seen a credit from Allo or received any emails confirming the receipt. I have sent several messages to Allo via their web site “contact us” link as well as a couple of direct emails. I have not received any responses. I’m somewhat concerned.

Is this type type of service typical of Allo or are they shut down this time of year? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences with Allo.



I purchased a post warranty used DigiOne which their support (in India )thought was faulty.

They allowed me to return it - and buy a cut price new replacement.

Communication was good throughout.

(I’m in the UK dealing with their support in France).

No problems with allo. I very fast got my money back.

After making a post on Allo’s technical support forum regarding the lack of processing on my refund, I finally received a credit and an email response. It took three weeks.