Allo Revolution DAC Test Firmware

There’s a new test firmware available for the Allo Revolution that fixes the PCM data rate limit and also enables 48kHz based DSD playback. With this firmware the Revolution now fully supports 16x PCM as well as both 44.1kHz and 48kHz DSD file playback (I’ve only tested up to DSD256 so far, I’ll try to test at DSD512 later tonight).

Anyone using Roon DSP for up sampling or using HQPlayer with the Revolution DAC will appreciate these enhancements.

Definitely still buggy firmware. DSD512 doesn’t play audio, but the DAC does properly display that it’s receiving DSD512. Also the flock frequency isn’t displayed correctly for 48kHz based DSD. And I’ve had a couple crashes that required a reboot. But those crashes were only for DSD playback. 768kHz PCM seems solid so far.