Allo Shipping time?

I ordered a USBridge Signature a week ago and haven’t heard anything, including an email request for an update. Any experience here with how long it generally takes (in the COVID world) for them to get shipments out? I have everything else ready to go so I’m antsy.

If you ordered with the shanti power supply it’s because they had that back ordered. But also shipping times are probably still somewhat crazy

My last Allo order, a couple months back, was placed the 11th with no correspondence (other than order confirmation) until the19th when I got trackin. Delivery occurred on the 26th (west coast US). The lack of “feedback” was a little concerning but delivery occurred as expected. I wouldn’t worry about a week; especially as @Quaerit stated things may be on backorder. As long as you’ve not seen any indication payment was declined or some other issue with payment just expect the order is processing and you’ll see a tracking number soon. Good luck.

That helps. Thanks. Their website still says ships in 1-2 business days but I’m trying to get a feel if it is weeks or months that I’m looking at and it looks like “weeks” is the right answer. I ordered the Nirvana power supply so its availability is maybe a question.

I ordered the DigiOne Signature with Shanti Power Supply. I received a tracking number fairly quickly, so I could see that the device sat in Mumbai Post Office for one month! As we were in semi-lockdown here (Hong Kong) I was prepared for some delay, but after six weeks I made enquiries. ALLO responded immediately and promised to Fedex a new model. This was received a few days later, despite an extremely circuitous journey (don’t want to think about the carbon footprint). I found them pretty responsive and helpful.

I should update this thread for posterity. The unit came just fine in about three weeks. There was a part delay with the power supply. But I got Ropieee loaded on and it works great. I’m using it in a headphone “station” away from the 2 channel set up, feeding by USB a Audeze Deckard which feeds LCD-X headphones. It works great to bring Roon to this setup and sounds really good as well.