ALLO SIGNATURE - HQ Player NAA..Bit confused


My setup:
ROON ROCK > ALLO Signature > Project Pre S2 DAC > Amp…All via Ethernet
ALLO is running RoPieeeXL course the implementation of HQ Player NAA…Nothing else is enabled
Also use the ALLO to run ROON Bridge
HQ Player is setup from a Windows 10 running HQ Player 3.5…theres my confusion come in…
I’ve setup the NAA specs from there…wan’t to do some A/B test between Bridge and NAA…Is it the W10 Pc there is do the work to upscale the settings I prefer?..Asking it … course it will not play without it is running on the PC…Do I need another software or…

You’re not quite comparing apples with apples. The Roon Core is running on your ROCK machine and HQ Player is running on the Win10 PC.

You could instal a Roon Core on your Win10 PC and then the hardware would be identical between Roon and HQ Player. You can’t instal HQ Player on ROCK.