ALLO USB Bridge..ROON..Setup advice

(Morten Valbjørn) #1

Hello ROON Support

Just ordered this morning ALLO USB Bridge to connect my DAC from ROON ROCK over network
Need some advice to get the best sound/connection for this device
No experience in DIETPI so question is…should i choose the ROON Bridge in DIETPI menu via browser or…just install ROON bridge itself on sd-card?

There a slit’e chance im not get the terms right, so help me out…thnks


ROCK: INTEL NUC i5BNH - Firmware 72
DAC: Project Pre S2 DAC - Firmware 2.12

Config: ROCK>ROUTER>ALLO>DAC…All via Ethernet


(Mr Fix It ) #2

For memory the usbridge has a web interface where you enable Roon Bridge but if I recall it’s enabled by default.

(Mike Ormerod) #3

Roon was enabled by default on mine, I assume that’s the norm. As mentioned above you can use the Allo Web UI to configure the US Bridge if needed. It can be flaky, so ssh is a more reliable route, but you should just be able to turn on the device and use it.

(Morten Valbjørn) #4

Ok, thnks to both

(Mr Fix It ) #5

You might want to disable the other options if you don’t use them like NAA and Spotify and shareplay and LMS too I think

(Morten Valbjørn) #6


(Morten Valbjørn) #7

Ok…spent some hours to get this to work…now, im in heaven…litteraly
ROON ROCK>ALLO USBridge>Project Pre DAC…all via ethernet
Se pic…deff recommended