ALLO USB Bridge..ROON..Setup advice

Hello ROON Support

Just ordered this morning ALLO USB Bridge to connect my DAC from ROON ROCK over network
Need some advice to get the best sound/connection for this device
No experience in DIETPI so question is…should i choose the ROON Bridge in DIETPI menu via browser or…just install ROON bridge itself on sd-card?

There a slit’e chance im not get the terms right, so help me out…thnks


ROCK: INTEL NUC i5BNH - Firmware 72
DAC: Project Pre S2 DAC - Firmware 2.12

Config: ROCK>ROUTER>ALLO>DAC…All via Ethernet


For memory the usbridge has a web interface where you enable Roon Bridge but if I recall it’s enabled by default.

Roon was enabled by default on mine, I assume that’s the norm. As mentioned above you can use the Allo Web UI to configure the US Bridge if needed. It can be flaky, so ssh is a more reliable route, but you should just be able to turn on the device and use it.

Ok, thnks to both

You might want to disable the other options if you don’t use them like NAA and Spotify and shareplay and LMS too I think


Ok…spent some hours to get this to work…now, im in heaven…litteraly
ROON ROCK>ALLO USBridge>Project Pre DAC…all via ethernet
Se pic…deff recommended

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