Allo USB Bridge Signature + Digione Signature... can I get 2 zones out of a single Raspberry?

Hi Everyone,
I am currently using an Allo USB bridge signature with its Shanti LPSU as a Roon endpoint
I am playing with the idea of adding the Digione Signature on top of that, so I would have 1 box with both USB and Coaxial outputs.
Would that allow me to drive 2 separate DACs from the same Raspberry? Would Roon see them as separate endpoints?

Yes you should be able to in theory , I did with my HifiBerry Digi board and using just the pi’s usb output could have both at same time. But as these are two cards both using i2s internally from the pi not sure, drop Allo a line and ask them if both can be active at the same time.

Interesting question - I think, stress think, that will be a function of the OS you’re using on the RPi. And gut feels says it won’t work simultaneously, but the authors of the OSs will be able to advise. Some of them are on this forum, what are you using on the USBridge Sig?

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Thanks for the replys
I am using Roopie to have it as a Roon endpoint

Dis you try that using Roopie?

Yes, only ever used Ropieee. It will also recognise more than one USB DAC as well.

I had it working on a pi with Ropieee but not with the digis I had HifiBerry and normal pi usb and that worked fine. I’ve had three seperate usb dacs running on my Rock to at the same time to. I feel though that the i2s connection that both would use with a Digi one and USB signature may not allow it.

I’ve had three zones from a single RPi3: Allo DigiOne, Chord 2Qute and AudioQuest DragonFly.

thanks everyone
I have ordered the Digione Signature add on and will test next week

@spockfish Harry - could you comment please…(simultaneous HATS on an RPi running Ropieee)

See my last post - Harry is the author of Ropieee (I must ask why so many e’s!)

It would be great to get that confirmation, thanks !
Plan B is that I will use the Digione with a spare Rasp4 that I have here…but the all in one solution would be preferred

Presumably your USBridge Sig is mounted on the CM version of the RPi - mine is on the CM3. So putting the DigiOne on top means it’s using the CM3 not the standard Pi. Which should sound better. Stress should - one of these days I might get round to testing it.

I’ve currently got the DigiOne Sig mounted on an RPi4. I can switch between using that or the USB output of the basic RPi, which is useful for reviewing purposes (one piece of kit not two)

Yes you can use separate outputs at the same time.

So using a HAT and a USB device is possible. Both show up in Roon as separate endpoints (zones) and can be given a separate zone name.

Indeed there are people taking it to the limit by adding another USB DAC :wink:

thanks !

Looking forward to get my DIgione signature then and add it to my USB Bridge signature
I will feed a MQA DAC from USB and another dac from COxial …looking forward to that

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