Allo USBridge Discount Code

I went on the website and tried to use the “DIET10” discount code but it says on your site that code is expired. Can you provide us with a new active code? :relaxed:

please try again, it was renewed yesterday.

@ALLO_audio_boards Thanks! I placed my order today!

stock ships out within 24h after placing the order.
looking forward to your feedback

Will do! I should have it within 2 weeks it seems like with EMS shipping.

EMS is usually 5 business days

Hi guys.

I’m curious about the decision to do the USB board on your own Sparky SBC, but the digiOne on a Pi. Was there any technical reason why you didn’t use your own SBC for the digiOne?
One reason for asking is the price difference (the USB is about double the digiOne), and the USB states noise less than that of a battery - which you note is around 12uV - whereas the digiOne has around 50uV. [Edited to replace the mV typo].

I’m basically torn between the two devices since I can use both inputs but believe the spdif converted to AES input on my Devialet would be my best option. If only there was a device that had USB and spdif/AES combined. :wink:

Is there still a Roon discount code for your products or has that expired?

The decision was based on tech. Sparky has a USB port (unshared) on bottom making it perfect for USBridge. On RPI the USB is shared with the network. Not good.

DigiOne is a i2s master…sparky is not alowing i2s master codec…only slaves.

Regarding noise…12uV ( not mv) or 50uV…They are both very low. I doubt that it will make any difference.

Roon discount code is still valid.

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Sorry my bad, will amend so as to not add disservice to your figures. Great news on the code! Thanks for the info.

Awesome thanks, order placed! :smiley:

I don’t quite get how location of the USB port is relevant to HAT support… same with sharing network and USB: since USBridge adds a clean USB port through the HAT, that the other ports are shared on the RaspBerry would seem… irrelevant. I also don’t really get why making the USBRidge HAT run on RaspBerry wouldn’t make quite a bit of sense, especially in the light of Actions Semi’s apparently apathetic attitude towards software updates…