Allo USBridge Signature & Ropieee?

I have just ordered Allo USBridge Signature with DietPi installed. Ropieee was not an option for pre-installation on the Allo website, however I have heard it is a good option. I am looking for opinions and comparisons between Ropieee and DietPi as OS for EndPoint. This will be my first RPi based endpoint. Thanks!

If used solely as a Roon endpoint Ropieee is easier to use as it is just that. Ropieee will take a few minutes on initial loading/install so do not be too impatient.
I replaced the Allo DietPi with Ropieee. I currently use it with an Allo DigiOne Signature and a HifiBerry Digi+ pro and and have no experience with the Allo USBridge.

Thanks! How easy would it be to switch between the two? I am thinking maybe keep a micro SD for each to try them out.

Super easy, just do as you intend and swap the microsd cards to switch.