Allow adding artists to Tidal favorites without adding their releases

The title says it all tbh. My use case for this is keeping track of new releases from the artists I like. The Tidal feed shows me that:

I’m not interested in ‘recommended’ stuff, I prefer being notified when someone from my favs puts out a new release.

In Roon, I can’t add an artist to library unless I add an album from them. I don’t want to keep thousands of albums I’m not gonna be able to revisit, I want to follow the artists to know when they release new music.

Today, after hearing something I like in Roon, I need to launch the Tidal app, just to add the artist to favorites.

So I’m asking for a way to add an artist to Tidal favorites without artifically inflating the albums library.


Somehow I doubt we will get what we want…

Indeed, seeing how big the traffic is on these forums, and how ideas get scattered around multiple threads, I’m not super optimistic too:) OTOH we do pay a serious $$$ for Roon, so I’d expect someone to look quite closely at these suggestions.

Last but not least, this is something much simpler and cheaper apps have (take USB Audio Player Pro for instance).

So let’s stay positive:) maybe you could consider upvoting?