Allow 'massive / bulk operations' on track lists [SOLVED]

For a better management I suggest the following FR:

Allow massive / bulk operations on track lists (i.e. in playlist or in the Library my track view). In details:

  • Add “Select all visible tracks” (selects tracks currently visible according to filters) - I understand we might put a limit for the ones that have 10.000+ tracks. The option is intended for actions on a specific selection (focus) of tracks
  • Add possibility to select tracks one by one via tick box (e.g. “select tracks…” option)
  • Perform key actions on all selected tracks: delete all selected (from playlist, or library), add all selected tracks to playlist, like all selected tracks (if in library), etc…

Use case: I often add entire Albums or part of Albums to Playlists for future evaluation, when I did evaluate the tracks and decided I need to delete them from the playlist or move them to another playlist. And we are often talking about 25 - 30 tracks… doing it one by one it’s pretty cumbersome

A far as I can tell, all of this works already.

Select one track and you get a “select all” menu option:

I described detailed multi-selection options here:

With an active multi-selection, you can do, e.g., this:

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oops, yes, bit hiddent but perfect !!

I guess I’ll have to mark this a ‘solved’ somehow?

thank you

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