Allowing display of multiple albums in Tidal even when in local collection

I have seen most people dont like the feature of seeing the same album displayed in Tidal as in your own collection. I myself would like to see all albums as I prefer seeing original press rather than remastered but would like the option of seeing them all on tidal even if I have it in my collection.

I also like a/b ing mqa vs tidal vs my version in my collection.

Is there a way to turn this feature off so tidal ignores my local collection?

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Hi Stephen,
Not that I’m aware off, I’ll move your post to the feature request section.
Let’s see what traction it gains.

I like this idea. I think this would make being able to try out MQA a lot easier as well. Currently eliminating the albums that I have in my local collection from the Tidal view can be annoying as I may have to go in to the album in my collection and then choose “View album in Tidal” to see what may be available. It’d be very interesting to have an easier way to see what all the different versions available may be, and then let you favorite one or something like that to denote this is the version you like.

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Exactly right Edward! That’s how I am feeling. I realise some people would still prefer this so I am happy to have this an a toggle option. The good thing about roon is it already separates your files from tidal anyway unless you add it to library.

The great thing about tidal is they seem to be adding multiple versions of recordings. I feel this is due to most audio guys asking for the original pressing of recordings as some remaster are terribly brickwalled and too loud.

I think this option would really help the user experience in Roon.

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+1 for this. I like to A/B different masterings, less so bit depth/frequency.