Alpabetical scrolling?

Perhaps this has been discussed before, but when I scroll through my albums there doesn’t appear to be a way I can scroll by first letter like in other music apps. Its super annoying to have to use the search bar or manually swipe until i get to an album.

Sort by Album Title (or by Artist) and use the navigation bar or the ^ABC on the bottom left of the album viewing pane.

That doesn’t appear to exist?

Sorry, I’m using a MacBook Pro as controller. Looks like the Android version doesn’t have that feature, although I almost never use Roon on a mobile device.

Perhaps not enough Realestate for full featured interface. Next thing people will miss is a full roon experience on a smart watch :slight_smile:

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For me this is a huge limitation of the phone app. I use iOS but from Travis’s screenshot it looks as if the Android app is the same.

On iPad the alphabetic scrolling is absolutely beautifully done and I can understand why on a smaller phone screen there might not be enough screen real estate to do it the same way, but there really should be something to avoid having to resort to search or scroll through hundreds of pages of albums.

The built-in Apple Music app has a vertical column of “a b c … z” on the right side of the screen in album and artist views and the built in Contacts app uses the same interface to quickly jump around the contacts list. Why not at least give us that very well-proved interface addition if we want to more quickly get to the albums or artists in our collection that begin with “s” (for instance), possibly as a switchable option if some people really don’t want to sacrifice the small amount of screen width that it would consume on the right edge of the screen.

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The lack of alphabetic scrolling on the iPhone means that I never use it with Roon even though sometimes I’d like to.

I agree that lack of alphabetical scrolling and the lack of the “Focus” feature really hobble the phone apps but I still use my iPhone as a simple controller (stop/start/pause/advance/rewind/etc.) and at times for full control. However for ease of navigation Roon control on either a tablet or a PC is required.

Plex does it (and has for 4 years now), and it works great on both Android phones and iPhones in their app. So, yes, should be very possible for Roon.

As it stands, I’ve got 1000+ albums. I’d love to be able to browse them, but it takes about 50 swipes and a couple minutes to get from the top of the list to the bottom. I think lots of people use, or would like to use their smartphone to control Roon, but the scrolling limitatinon makes largeish libraries way too cumbersome.

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Agreed… Lack of navigation and slow scrolling are a killer combination.

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