Alphabet Bar Above Artist or Album View

It would be really nice to have alphabet bars above the thumbnails in artist and album views. I.e. So you could click on β€œl” and get to your l artists like Led Zeppelin or John Lennon, etc.

Have you tried enabling Show Alpha Navigation in settings?
Then look at the left hand side of the slider bar.
Does this help?

I don’t see a place to enable it. Which tab.

Hi David,
It is under the Setup tab, titled Show Alpha Navigation, note when running on a iOS (and I assume Android) it is automatically enabled and thus does not list itself.

When enabled the Roon slider looks like this:

When clicked:

When the displayed alphas are clicked eg β€œL E D”:

Note Led Zeppelin now in the top left.

Holy cow, thanks for the awesomely detailed response! I never noticed the little β€œABC” icon until you pointed it out. Thanks much.

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