Alphabetical Scrolling by Artist or Title

I usually sort my 900 albums (Tidal and Qobuz) by artist. It’s getting to be a lot or sideways scrolling to get from Adam Lambert to The Who or somewhere in between.

I would like to see an alphabetically scrolling bar across the top or bottom of the albums screen such that we could scroll the bar or click someone on the bar to jump to that location.


What are you using to control Roon. On my laptop I have at least two choices. First the line of dots at the bottom of the Album list screen will allow you to jump to various positions in your list of albums. Second you have the “ABC with Up arrow” in blue just above your “pause/play” button that will bring up the alphabet and will allow you to jump to any letter.

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Thanks for that. I’ve got no line of dots, but I see the Up arrow works.

Do you see this line of dots?

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No, I don’t have that. I also don’t have that many albums. I’m using a Dell XPS 15 with 4K screen. Is there a way to adjust resolution on Roon? I don’t want to change my computer resolution if that’s the issue

I think we have different aspect ratio screens. I’ll try a black screen and see if they show up.

Nope. Must have to do with aspect ratio. Dots getting squeezed out. IDK.

Yes, your screen is 1.6, mine is 1.78. Maybe Roon is sized for 1.6. That’s OK, the ABC arrow solves my issue. Thanks again.

I had to skrink all the way down to here to get the dots to show up. Problem everything is too small.

That’s because you have many pages of albums, in this case the blue dots are replaced with the blue scroll bar… If you use a filter to reduce number of active pages then the dots are displayed.

It’s either blue dots or blue scroll bar … note both are navigation tools:

  • Dots : Click on a dot and the screen jumps directly to that page

  • Scroll Bar : Cick and drag fast page scrolling, note the small popup that display progress *.

  • Dependant of sort mode.

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Thanks Carl. Please see my last post above your’s. When I shrunk down the size in Windows from 250 (recommended) to 200, the dots have room on the screen to show up. Problems is, I don’t like my computer at 200 because everything is too small. So, the ABC arrow works for me.

Yes, I see that … this is because there has to be enough space (screen width) to be able to display a dot for each page … if not then a scroll bar is displayed.

If you wish to test this, without changing screen scaling, use a filter to have only say 10 pages of albums then 10 dots will fit and be displayed.

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OK, I’ll take your word for it. I’m good.

That worked. I filtered on Beatles and got two pages and two dots.

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The blue scroll bar works great. Thanks.

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