Alternate artwork

I recently acquired the remasters of Phil Collins’ ‘Face Value’ and ‘Hello, I must be going’.
The artwork is the same picture of Collins’ face, but aged.
In my library these are the only pictures associated with the albums.
Roon however shows the original 80’s sleeves.
How can I get Roon to show the correct artwork?
In my library maintenance the title of the album is enhanced (adding ‘2015 remastered’) for forced separation.

as opposed to

Looks as if Roon does not recognize this as another album altogether, as the album info for both the original and the remaster is the same as well.

Click on the three dots next to Focus on Similar and select Edit. Choose the Edit Album tab, and scroll down for the option to change the artwork.

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Well I’ll be…
Opened to follow your suggestion, and look at this:

So, no clue what happened, but thanks for the help anyway.

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For music ripped from a CD, sometimes I scan the cover (I use an HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus controlled by a browser app I downloaded from HP, set at 600 dpi) to yield a .jpeg that I fine-tune via Corel Photo-Paint. Then I point Roon to the resulting .jpeg via the 3-dot method already mentioned.

It’s possible to find images on the 'net, but usually they’re not nearly as good as what I can do by scan/edit.

Scanning your own is definitely one way to go and sometimes there is no other choice.

My first choice is and then on the upper right side there is a link “Images”.
After that search for “Artist Name Album Name” and a list comes up.
Then look for “Settings” and then “Advanced Search”.
Then Narrow your search by…
Change “any size” to “Larger than 800 x 600”

Most times I can find a High Res copy of the album art but if not then I manually Scan the CD Cover.


Thanks for the tip.

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