Alternate Versions Indicator in Album View

I know, I know, the album view is already crowded with resolution, version and other icons. However, I think that it would be good to have maybe a little “+” icon to indicate that there are ‘Other Versions’ of the album when Roon is set to Hide Duplicates.


I have a lot of duplicates (Tidal/physical, different editionns, etc) so +1 for me!!

For people like me who have a large number of albums duplicates in their collection (remasters, special editions, etc) and choose to not show hidden albums it would be very useful to have an indication of the presence of duplicates for that album.
The indicator could be text or an icon.

Already been requested.

ooops, I definitely forgot it…:flushed:

Sorry for the double request, but anyway that requests has no answer so…



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I’ve collated all the posts into the existing topic, to keep the history together.

Bump :slight_smile: … when viewing the “hidden” albums, i.e. all duplicates, it would be useful to see which of them is also the primary version in a group. It would be nice to know that you can quickly check and fix the designation of versions that you want to be the primary, thus making it less likely to need showing all albums most of the time.