Alternative iOS Player for offline Playback

Hi there,

I’m using ROCK for my library with about 50.000 songs. They are stored on a SSD inside mit NUC with i3 CPU. I can access the files via SMB and I’m looking for a Player which indexes the files on the network share and allows me to download them on my iPad for traveling. The very promising Evermusic/Flacbox seems to give problems with the SMB implementation of ROCK. The indexing is very slow and after weeks it’s not finished.

Can anyone recommend a iOS music play which downloads music from a SMB share and allows good browsing abilities like album/artist/genre views?

Thanks in advance for your tips.

Plex will require a server install but will do what you want.

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Thanks. But I can’t install Plex on a ROCK Server, right?

No. You mention accessing your files from the smb share on the Rock so I assumed you had another computer to install plex on.

That is correct. RoCK is a locked down OS, nothing else can be installed.

Thanks. I found the App MusicStreamer but it’s UI is not very well. :frowning: Still hoping for Roon to implement a offline mode.

In the meantime, why not use iTunes ?

iTunes is still my base for importing and buying new albums. I then clone the library to my NUC. But syncing the iPad with iTunes is slow und uncomfortable. I also have to start my iMac which eats lots of Power just for syncing. This workflow also does not work well, when I’m in hurry.

I recently found a Player that deals good with SMB and is very fast: MusicStreamer from the creators of FileBrowser. It’s not perfect but I often just want to sync some albums spontaneously before I drive to work.

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While this option does require utilizing a Mac or Windows computer, it’s much faster than utilizing iTunes: