Alternative methods for enabling ARC?

Let’s say I want to open an inbound port to my NUC Core to enable seamless ARC.
If I do that I don’t want that host on my internal network, but on a dedicated DMZ.
I’m guessing Roon won’t work in my local network after that since it must be on the same network as my endpoints?
Has anyone got that design to work?
How did you isolate the vlans and still provided access between core and internal network?
My current solution is to vpn in to my network, and ARC works perfectally.
But that’s only workable at the office, I don’t want to faff about with vpn in the car! =)

Probably get more traction if you posted in the tinkering section.

I’m faffing about in the car I guess. Nord VPN’s meshnet feature has been working great where I could not get my Verizon FiOS router to work otherwise.

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Is NordVPN better than Tailscale?

VPN likely a far easier way to make this work with security than putting ROCK in DMZ. Also if you put ROCK in a different subnet you are going to be doing a whole bunch of gymnastics to get UDP broadcast packets to cross subnets. You may need to do that anyways depending on the vpn solution / design you choose. If either is of interest, search the forums for udp-proxy-2020.

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It was a one click solution for each device – (I have Nord VPN subscription) which sounds easier than I’ve read about other alternatives

Do you notice any slowdowns while surfing the web on the phone? I’ve noticed some apps are affected while using Tailscale. So I have to manually switch on and off on my iPhone.

No, working fine (on Google Fi). There is some battery drain so if not using ARC I’ll typically turn off Meshnet when battery usage is a concern.